Community @ Ettawa Springs

Basically, many people in the region have tuned into the unique property that is Ettawa Springs. Why? It’s located near Harbin Hot Springs, an old resort that was affected pretty heavily by the Valley Fire, as in, everyone had to fucking evacuate and no longer had a place to live, which totally sucked. Now, they […]

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Teach Me

The Subtle Energies are the small things: . :They are the birds flapping, the flowers waving, and the movement of darting eyes. As the body stills (the large human), tiny twitches become noticeable. Our mass often disregards these small motions. In order to have the experience, One has to revisit gravity at a later date. […]

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The New Age Academy

  During a spontaneous meeting in a coffee shop with a man in a red shirt named Ron, I conducted an interview with him that lead me to create this intriguing article about an unground school in Berkeley, California called the New Age Academy. Ron and Gloria began their school by renting an unused building […]

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